Melrose & Morgan - Cherry madeira cake

Melrose & Morgan treats

Melrose & Morgan is a London based bakery offering bread, cakes, biscuits and other yummy food treats. I thought I would start this article with two items I recently had from their. I will then update it with more as and when I buy them ūüôā

Melrose & Morgan - Cherry madeira cake
Melrose & Morgan – Cherry madeira cake

Let’s start with cake, I do like madeira cake but it can sometimes be a little simple. So this Melrose & Morgan version with cherries sounded like an interesting mix. The cake comes in the classic Melrose & Morgan red text with white paper wrap around. It is nicely presented. Costing ¬£6.75 I’m expecting good things, once opened it smells¬†wonderful, the cherries look great. The cake is moist and easy to cut, I tried it with some custard the first time and it was really nice. The cherries are large and juicy, the second time without custard it tasted just as good and fresh.

Melrose & Morgan - Date & oat bar
Melrose & Morgan – Date & oat bar

This is the date and oat bar from¬†Melrose & Morgan. I’m a huge fan of oatmeal cookies, I’m not really into dates though! Anyway the date and oat bar comes in a bar as shown above or in a tub of date and oat squares. Tubs cost ¬£4.95 and the bars are ¬£2.50, the tub is better value but the bars are good for on the go!

Anyway how does it taste, boy was I impressed, this and the ginger biscuits (will review another time) are my favourite things from Melrose & Morgan. The dates add so much moisture to the oats, they are a really good combination. If you are looking for a tasty treat that might have some healthy ingredients I recommend these.

I will update this article with more Melrose & Morgan treats!

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