ON - Serious Mass

ON – Serious MASS

A review of Optimum nutrition ON serious mass which comes in huge 5.5kg bags and is ideal for a hardgainer or someone looking to add some mass during a bulking period.

ON Serious Mass
ON Serious Mass

I have just started my winter bulk and this is what I am taking post training 4 days per week. I have the chocolate flavour which I must say is one of the nicest chocolate whey shakes I have had. The bag above states 50g of protein, 252g carbs and a huge 1250 kcal per serving. I however only have half a serving as that is all that you can really fit into a regular protein shaker with some water.

ON Serious Mass - back
ON Serious Mass – back

My half serving gives me 25g of protein and 600 kcal, this is ideal for after training, it is very easy to drink and only 15 minutes after you have finished it does your body catch up and realise you have just consumed 600kcal of shake.

ON Serious Mass
ON Serious Mass

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to add size and needs a easy way of consuming calories fast after training.

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