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For a weekend get-away you need some luggage that looks the part. After purchasing my Prada briefcase I saw this Prada weekender. It was the same design but bigger. It seemed like a must have!

Prada weekender
Prada weekender

All black Saffiano Prada leather, this bag just looks fantastic! As shown above it has a simple design with hardwearing Saffiano leather. Let’s look at the detailing:

Prada weekender - Prada lock
Prada weekender – Prada lock

It comes with solid leather zips and silver hardware including a 99 combination Prada silver lock.

Prada weekender - Luggage tag
Prada weekender – Luggage tag

The classic matching Saffiano Prada leather luggage name tag.

Prada weekender - Handles
Prada weekender – Handles

Saffiano Leather handles with Prada embossed metal.

Prada weekender -Inside zip
Prada weekender -Inside zip

Once opened up you get a completely different feel to the leather, on the outside you have the harder Saffiano leather, on the inside you get a really soft black leather. There is no cloth trim at all. You get one large pocket recommend for small flat items such as your passport or a few papers.

Prada weekender - Strap close up
Prada weekender – Strap close up

In the main compartment (there is only one) you get two Saffiano leather straps with metal prada logo embossed logos. These are really good at keeping all clothes together and stopping them all falling out.

Prada weekender -Inside bag
Prada weekender -Inside bag

I assume the main question will be how much stuff can I pack into this thing. When I purchased it, I had the option of buying a rectangular version or this square one. I opted for the square as I was worried I would overload the rectangular one and it would become too heavy and the bag would loose its shape. It also felt too big to have on your lap on a train. With this version you can easily pack a wash bag, wallet, keys and three each of the following: socks, underwear, shirts, t-shirts, trousers. Basically enough for a 3 night long weekend.

Prada weekender - Side view
Prada weekender – Side view

To sum up if you are looking for a weekend bag and don’t want to purchase a holdall or a trolley, the first being a little tricker to pack things neatly and the trolley being a little bit too big then this is the ideal bag for you. You can open it up and pack everything very neatly, just flip it open and it just goes straight in 🙂


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